Joint Correlation Analysis Summary & How One Dental Clinic Increased Their Revenue 86% by Growing Their DMscore

DMscore is key to connecting the dots between online marketing visibility and business success.

Based on our study of 13,000 dental practices in 2022, DMscore proves highly predictive of practice revenue, and provides actionable competitive benchmarking to inform marketing efforts at local & national levels. Our study is based on extensive business performance data from our practice management system partner. When combined with a practice’s DMscore we were able to connect the dots between marketing visibility and commercial success – something that has not been possible to do with this level of accuracy or scale before. To fully illustrate this connection, we drill down to highlight one typical practice (LA Dental).

Key findings from our Correlation Analysis and Case Study

of the local markets analyzed showed a correlation between DMscore and

average web traffic

of the local markets analyzed showed a correlation between DMscore and

successful appointment bookings

Increasing a DMscore from 10 to 25

doubles the amount of web traffic on average

Increasing a DMscore from 25 to 50

also results another doubling of web traffic

LA Dental results show how doubling of DMscore

increased their revenue by 86%

Connecting the dots: The Holy Grail of Marketing

As you might expect this journey does indeed act like a funnel. When more attention is garnered, more clicks occur, more visitors are captured and converted to customers and more products and services are sold. It’s really just that simple. When we collaborated with our PMS partner to combine our market visibility data with aggregate business performance from thousands of practice records in their database we found a strong connection between market visibility and commercial success.

Using DMscore Data analytics we calculated the correlation between a DMscore and web traffic and found that over 90% of local areas we analyzed showed a strong correlation between the two metrics. The higher the DMscore, the more online traffic & visitors, and more appointments.

Easy and Powerful for DSO Teams, and Agencies

DMscore will also show trends over time in an easy to understand interface with actionable advice on improving the performance of the entire DSO network, and in each location. It allows anyone on your team, CEO, CMO or agency team to look at the same visibility data, and make more informed decisions.

A CASE STUDY: How One Dental Clinic increased Their Revenue 86% by growing their DMscore

Case Study by ElementIQ

The Location

Situated in the heart of Los Angeles, CA, LA Dental faced fierce local competition, struggling to get noticed within the Downtown market.

The Challenge

LA Dental was not getting the loyal clients that they wanted and felt they were wasting time with marketing teams that often failed to meet their expectations.

The Solution:

LA Dental Clinic’s DMscore breakdown told them exactly where they needed to improve.

With an overall score of 19, and low scores in the key ranking factors of paid search and online directories, DMscore immediately showed them where to focus efforts.


LA Dental’s agency of record – ElementIQ, worked with DMscore and determined that un-addressed comments and critiques were harming LAD’s online credibility, leading prospective patients to choose competing dental offices. LA Dental Clinic needed to reinforce their online reputation on highly visible review platforms like Google Reviews and Yelp.

Paid Search

Specialty service visibility was a problem for LAD. To generate quality traffic for their Invisalign or dental implants pages, they needed to make sure their pages were fully optimized to not only cost-effectively get traffic from keyword ads – but to convert it into new patients, too.


LAD couldn’t just rely on ads to get patients. They needed to understand what their prospective patients were looking for, then build content and optimize their website so they could reach and appeal to people at every stage of the customer journey.

ElementIQ created a plan around the DMscore metrics, leading to dramatic results. After just two years of steady marketing efforts guided by DMscore, they raised their DMscore from 19 to 44 – and raised their annual revenue by 86%. They had a stronger patient pipeline, better profitability, and thanks to DMscore, a roadmap to continued success.

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