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DMscore Enterprise: Your Centralized Marketing Solution

When you’re managing dozens to hundreds of offices at once, staying on top of digital marketing isn’t easy.

You have multiple brands, each with its own website, and several teams working to get everything optimized and up-to-date. There are a lot of moving parts, and you need to keep them in sync.

DMscore Enterprise makes it easy.

Designed from the ground-up for multi-office management, DMscore Enterprise helps group practices, DSOs, OSOs and DPOs assess their performance at the local, regional, and national levels. 

Through DMscore Enterprise, you get hundreds of digital marketing performance indicators based on our proprietary algorithms such as search listings and advertising.

Coupled with an overall DMscore, these metrics tell you how your clinics stack up against dozens of their top local competitors, and where improvements are needed to get (and maintain!) those coveted top search engine rankings.

Micro. Macro. DMscore Enterprise lets you see it all, empowering you, your marketing teams, and their dental offices, to stand above the competition.

Multi-office Dashboards

Multi-office dashboards deliver convenience and time savings by bringing together critical decision-making information into a single, conveniently accessible place.

Segmented Monthly Averages

Overviews of your average DMscore and average channel scores let you keep a finger on the pulse of your network’s overall digital marketing health.

Spotlighted Locations

At-a-glance viewing of your network’s best and worst performing locations lets you clearly identify which strategies are working well and which offices need attention.

Ad Competition Measurement

Allocate your ad spend more effectively and get faster results with localized measurements that show you the volume of ad buying happening around the offices in your network.

Performance Benchmarking

Tactics and strategies change. New competitors come and go. But through it all, you’ll keep the performance of your practices steered in the right direction with month-over-month trend analysis that captures your entire network.

Real-time Monitoring and Alerts

Stay nimble and responsive with live updates and alerts that let you and your teams quickly get a handle on rapidly changing marketing challenges wherever they appear.

Visualized Tracking and Deep Insights

Not a fan of tables and spreadsheets? Graphical performance tracking visualizes office performance, providing you with clear, easily-digestible data that rapidly goes from virtual insight to real-world action.

Granular Data Controls

Get fewer fuzzy, high level generalities and more of the specific and detailed insights you and your teams need to act decisively.

DMscore versus DMscore Enterprise

For an independent office, knowing your DMscore is a critical step. For a DSO or dental group, it’s a revolution.

DMscore was designed to help individual clinics measure and improve their digital marketing. DMscore Enterprise takes that a step further.

Want to figure out how to allocate budget to the offices that need it most? DMscore Enterprise will show you. 

Wondering if an agency or team is pulling its weight? DMscore Enterprise can give you insight into that too – all in a single convenient, centralized dashboard.

That means no more endless email reports and mountains of paperwork obscuring the real story of your performance. 

DMscore Enterprise puts strategic information at your fingertips, so you can spend less time looking for problems, and more time creating solutions.

Lead Your Marketing Teams with Ease

Use DMscore Enterprise to support your existing teams and agencies, or let us match you with one of our vetted Premium Agencies.

Either way, you’ll be in the driver’s seat, receiving actionable, data-driven insights to guide your dental network’s growth. So while your teams might be scattered, your strategies and processes won’t be.

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What is DMscore?

DMscore collects local data, analyzes and validates digital marketing efforts nationwide for dental offices and other professional SMB segments. This creates a data-driven DMscore, with actionable recommendations to improve. We have scored over 100,000 dental offices in the United States, and have published a report and podcasts available to the public. DMscore is based in Palo Alto and built by a team of analytic pioneers from Adobe Analytics® and FICO®. We stand behind our product, because what you can measure, you can manage.