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About Us

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Headquartered in San Francisco, California,

the DMscore (Digital Marketing score) technology was created in 2015 by industry visionaries and executives who helped build the first Digital Analytics companies and FICO platforms.

For over twenty years, businesses have been making substantial investments in digital marketing and related technologies.

While advances in marketing technology have been a consistent driver of business growth, our founders understood how digital analytics could be used to solve a long standing challenge to understand the impact of marketing tactics at the local level.

This pain is felt most acutely by businesses which provide local consumer services, like dental practices. Lacking competitive insight, and an understanding of the relationship between marketing strategies and patient acquisition goals, these highly competitive businesses are often left to pour marketing dollars into programs blindly.

Utilizing “big data” technology, the DMscore team created patent-pending technology that measures and ranks hundreds of online marketing factors, piecing together these key marketing signals to provide an intuitive score, as easy to understand as a FICO Score.

The DMscore shows a business’ relative competitive strength of consumer attention, at a local level, and can also roll up hundreds of locations for large enterprise network view, allowing service organizations, like DSOs to manage the chaos of online marketing efforts across geographies. This is something that has not been possible to do with the level of accuracy or scale before.

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