Find Out How One Dental Clinic Increased their DMscore from 19 to 44 and revenue by 86%

As a dentist, you want to run a thriving, successful practice, and in a changing digital landscape, traditional methods of marketing just won’t cut it anymore. If your phone isn’t ringing as much as you’d like, or you’re not getting the clients you want – you need to re-evaluate your current marketing strategy.

It may seem overwhelming or difficult to manage things such as your online reputation, lead sources and local competition when you are also trying to manage your practice. The digital world is changing constantly and you want to focus your time on your patients, not time-consuming marketing analytics.

Enter DMscore (Digital Marketing Score) a data intelligence platform based in Palo Alto California. DMscore seeks to make that data big, accessible and transparent to dentists and present their marketing analytics in an easy to understand score, just like a FICO score. In the tech world, traditionally, parsing through spreadsheets of endless data is a very difficult and complex process. DMscore takes complex data and makes it easy to access for dental professionals. This way, you can gauge whether or not your marketing is working and make changes where needed.

How does it work? Let’s dive deeper and explore how DMscore played an immense role in helping a struggling dental clinic rise above the competition and thrive in a very competitive market. By leveraging big data to optimize their dental practice marketing efforts, their revenue increased by 86%.

What Is DMscore?

First, let’s start with the basics – DMscore is a relative score that measures the marketing efforts of dental practice locations. DMscore has over 55,000 dental practices indexed by locations within the United States, in all states and all regions. Due to the immense amount of measurable metrics available, they are able to take a look at a wide variety of data and compare it at a very local level.

With DMscore you get a tangible grade in real time for how your marketing is performing (when compared to your local competitors). It will give you a dynamic score so you can always see how you’re doing at your location.

You can, in real time, assess your practices performance. DMscore is like the credit score for your company’s marketing initiatives, it’s dynamic and can let you know what you are doing well and what you could improve upon.

One key factor here is that DMscore doesn’t leave evaluation up to interpretation. It uses analytics, instead of basing decisions on subjectivity. Therefore, as a dentist, you can see right away, the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, and pinpoint weaknesses from which to grow.

A higher DMscore means your patients are able to find you online, whereas a low DMscore means you have room to improve in order to achieve the results you are looking for.

Looking Deeper: A DMscore Case Study

DMscore does not leave marketing to chance, it allows dental practices to take charge of their own image online and use the data to guide strategy and thrive. At least that is particularly true for our case study, LA Dental Clinic.

Back in 2016, LA Dental Clinic knew they had to make a change. Situated in the heart of Los Angeles, CA, they faced fierce local competition. Downtown LA is very competitive for dental clinics and it is very difficult to gain visibility within this market.

They were not getting the quality clients that they wanted and felt they were wasting time with marketing teams that did not show them tangible results. Marketers offered empty promises and smoke and mirrors tactics that only worsened the clinic’s standing online.

LA Dental Clinic decided to take their marketing to the next level and enlisted the help of ElementIQ, a Digital Marketing Agency and DMscore partner. As a DMscore partner, ElementIQ takes a transparent approach to marketing, and they know the power objective analytics can have when it comes to growing your practice amidst heavy competition. This talented digital marketing team wasted no time in setting things right for LA Dental Clinic.

Marketing Objectives

After generating an initial DMscore of just 19, ElementIQ had a good sense of where the clinic was lacking in their marketing. The score is based on three key ranking factors online: Search, Paid Search and Directories. This client faced challenges in all three aspects of the DMscore ranking metrics and as a result ElementIQ took a 3 pronged approach to tackle the setbacks within each sector.

Everything the team did was based on Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) which guide the marketing strategy and give it structure, as well as a means of measuring its effectiveness. DMscore gave the team objective metrics to work with in order to build a stellar marketing strategy.

A Three Pronged Approach


LA Dental Clinic initially suffered from bad reviews online – as many dental clinics may know, it’s usually only those patients with a bad experience that leave reviews. The one-sided comments and critiques were harming their credibility with search engines like Google, and prospective clients were more likely to go to competitors as a result. One of the first things ElementIQ did was to rectify their visibility online.

Once consistent 5 star reviews from happy patients began to outweigh the negative ratings, LA Dental Clinic’s DMscore rose. Their credibility online was restored and they began to see more clients coming in.

Paid Search

During this time, ElementIQ ran both Google and Facebook ads in order to drive qualified traffic to the LA Dental website. Each quarter, they would promote something new, such as Invisalign or dental implants, to generate traffic that was interested in specific services offered at the clinic.


Unlike paid search, organic search marketing relies heavily on SEO (search engine optimization). In order to rank for organic search and appear for local search terms, ElementIQ created a full content plan with extensive keyword research, based on what potential patients were looking for. As a result, the practice started to rank organically online for key terms.

The team also created a powerful YouTube channel where the dentists of LA Dental Clinic positioned themselves as friendly and inviting. Patients felt as though they had already met the dentists before they visited the clinic. This helped to establish a trusting connection on a more personal level, before patients even met their practitioners.

Lastly, in order to create consistent touch points and stay top of mind LA Dental Clinic sent targeted email campaigns to keep in touch with potential new patients, as well as cross sell to existing patients.

Client Outcomes

All of this work combined led to fantastic results for LA Dental Clinic. The team at ElementIQ based the marketing campaigns on a 90-day plan approach which was led by a bottom line key performance indicator. This created laser focused marketing campaigns based on what mattered most – the client’s bottom line.

Guided by DMscore, ElementIQ vigilantly worked on all aspects of the DMscore metrics and after 2 years of prolonged marketing efforts, LA Dental Clinic saw their DMscore go from a 19 to 44. The clinic’s revenue increased as a direct result from the marketing campaigns, for an overall improvement of 86%.

Increase your DMscore

As an individual practice, on your own, you can still raise your score. DMscore is a free tool that you can use online, check your DMscore here! For those looking for the assistance of a marketing agency and greater marketing power, you might want to consider investing in marketing resources to boost your digital visibility and win local market share.

If you are interested in learning more about DMscore and agency partner, ElementIQ, you can watch the full on-demand webinar on this case study to learn more and get the assistance you need to thrive in your market.